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Bitch presents BEACH, Our Lady J opens

Event Date: 
Monday, October 28, 2013 - 8:00pm

BEACH is the new project fronted by the artist also known as Bitch (nee Karen Mould), a queer icon who is known for her electric violin and her electric performances. Live, she is joined on stage by an Alligator who triggers beats on what they call the "machine." Together, they make hopeful, sometimes funny and poetically serious dance-y rock.

With her partner Billie Jo Cavallaro, she has recently completed Thunder & Lighten-ing, a documentary about Ferron, accompanied by a new album, set to release this year on Short Story Records.

Her first album as BEACH, In Us We Trust, was produced by Roger Paul Mason and released on July 16 on her own Short Story Records. The album marks such an important sonic shift for the artist, she was moved to change the name of the project to BEACH. She describes BEACH as "a place where everything shifts. Rocks become sand, water meets earth, birds screech, tides turn and colors collide." The artist hopes to raise aware-ness about the state of our oceans, to encourage people to use less, create less waste, since our ocean systems are being over-loaded with our trash.

Artistically, she says, she "wanted to write songs FOR my electric violin--to feature its super-human-power. Also, I wanted to make something that felt very participatory. The shift to beats, the dancyness of the stuff, all of that was coming from that. I was thinking about inclusiveness. About power. About giving people something that would move their bodies as well as their minds.

To make In Us We Trust, the artist left New York, her home of 15 years, to record in a secluded log cabin in Michigan. Such serenity bred the courage to write the way she performs, as an extrovert. Sonically, the new album breathes the energy of the city; the simultaneous hope and despair, the bitter edge, humor and power of human gathering.

Tickets $15, members $13