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Charlie Mars

Event Date: 
Tuesday, June 11, 2013 - 8:00pm

Charlie Mars fifth album, Like A Bird, Like A Plane is rooted in conflict; one that began for Mars in childhood, having grown up in the church.

Facing those conflicts evolved into the themes of Like A Bird, Like A Plane. Mars pushed the musicians to find unusual hooks and invent ways to get into the songs that were less direct, which inevitably layered music with imperfections that sound human and vulnerable.

Songs hit boiling points at unexpected moments; their melodies remain subtle but always present. Because they are so rhythmically textured, while at the same time spacious, songs reveal new things upon each listen. Mars sets everything to a groove, so listening can mean disappearing inside the music and following the ride.

“If I have a vision for this record, it would be for me and my band and the music to be at the center of an experience that people have dancing around a giant bonfire. And every night, you can go and get on that wavelength where it can all just melt into something beautiful for a while. That sounds pretty damn cool to me,” says Mars.

Tickets: $20, members $18