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Comedy - ANDREA HENRY features at Wednesday Comedy Mique Show

Event Date: 
Wednesday, December 4, 2013 - 7:30pm
See how Andrea Henry balances being a mom, being a wife and having a day job with a career as a standup comedian. One show reviewer described Andrea as follows: Andrea Henry is the picture of serenity. A shy, quiet, unassuming woman living in Norton, she is the mother of two-year old Eve Henry and wife to David Henry. By day, she works as a guidance counselor at Massasoit Community College. When you first meet her, you would probably never be able to guess what her other job is.,When the sun sets and lights go down at night, this same woman can be found standing on stages and behind microphones performing standup comedy at clubs and theatres throughout Massachusetts. Henry transforms into a wired, edgy, and at times neurotic artist with a focus and determination to make sure that the people who bought a ticket get their entertainment bang for their hard earned buck." Andrea describes herself: A class clown always sent to the Principal's office for shocking antics doesn't begin to describe me. Actually, it doesn't describe me at all. When people learn I work as a stand up comic, their first reaction is "WHAT?", quickly followed by, "Oh, I have to see this" And you should too. So come on out to her show. Or if you're too lazy for that, you can check out my jokes for the Fashion Police in "Us Weekly" .(And yes, I understand the irony of this. "Motherhood and Standup Comedy" - Andrea Henry Finds a Perfect Balance. Ticket Prices: $6, $5 Amaz mems + hat pass