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Double Residency - Second Night: Assaf Kehati Trio and Ehud Ettun Quartet

Event Date: 
Sunday, December 9, 2012 - 6:00pm

"I'm playing with Ehud Ettun in my group for more than a year now and I really love his playing on my music and also his original compositions.We toured with my trio nationally and internationally but I always love to come back playing at the Lily Pad, so together with the Lily Pad we decided to dedicate an evening for both of our bands (mine and Ehud's) and to do it once a month that people can closely follow the bands regularly and enjoy a monthly evening at the Lily Pad." For us, the Lily Pad is a great home for our music." Assaf Kehati

"As a bassist, I get to work a lot on the sideman pool, which is a great opportunity to get to know different musicians and the music they write. I hope to bring to this residency some of this great music together with my own compositions. I'm inspired by Assaf's music and playing, and in addition to sharing this residency with him, I'm also the bassist in his trio, which I am very excited about." Ehud Ettun