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Graham Colton / Mikey Wax / Jeff LeBlanc

Event Date: 
Thursday, October 11, 2012 - 8:00pm

The Red Room

Graham Colton, who has been featured on American Idol, Pretty Little Liars, and other popular television shows, is beginning an exciting and terrific new project called Sooner The Sunset. Colton is singing to a new tune; he has incorporated some new sounds and added a new voice to the mix, Lindsey Ray. The album is more electronic, adding some very interesting twists into Colton’s creative process. Sooner The Sunset, which started out as an experiment, has opened up new pathways into the artist’s brain. Colton says, “It’s not only fun for me, but seems kind of honest and authentic and it’s not really hitting the same spot I’ve hit before.” Colton has reached a “tipping point” in his life, the moment where all things change. Some of these changes involve getting “weird” with his new album, thanks to borrowed equipment from the Flaming Lips, and inviting fans into his living room for a show. “That’s right,” Colton says, “I think it gives the fans a different type of show and a more intimate experience. Since I sell a product that people can get for free, I try to build relationships with fans. People can pay whatever they want, or tip me whatever they want. I think it builds a trust and a relationship.” 

This show also features Mikey Wax and Jeff LeBlanc.

Admission: $12, general admission