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Jackson Gillman, the Comedy Chameleon

Event Date: 
Wednesday, October 3, 2012 - 7:30pm
Its great to welcome back Jackson Gillman an all around comedic master. Known as "The Stand-up chameleon" Gillman's entertaining performances include comedic zany characters, fun songs, silly and often inspirational stories, creative stand up and more. The first Wednesday of each month is comedy night when our AMAZING OPEN COMEDY MIQUE SHOW presents Metrowest's funniest mid week comedy show. Hosted by Dave Hornfischer THE SHOW present a 30+ minute feature along with a group of miquers doing all things funny: PG13 stand-up, funny folk tunes, humorous stories, clowning, improv and more. Call and inquire about a 5-7 minute slot to share your stuff, or join our growing audience. We even have an audience jokes segment! Ticket Prices: $6 ($5 Mem)