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Jeff Denson "Secret World"

Event Date: 
Saturday, March 30, 2013 - 7:00pm

Colors, structures and pictures that touch him emotionally: these are the initial sparks that inspire Jeff Denson when he composes new pieces. They form groups around him and consolidate into an imaginary "Secret World". Sound for sound and harmony for harmony, his pieces are created from this imaginary point. At the end, there is a work that entices the listener to enter into Denson's world.

The listener encounters the inspirations there, which once triggered the compositions: a waterfall here, a sunset with all of its bright, shimmering colors, autumn leaves there, and forests covered in mist.  Of necessity, an unadorned groove or a simple melody line does not suffi ce to go along with that, and the restriction to one style or genre is doomed to failure.

As a result, the mosaic of the "Secret World" is composed of the colorful pieces that jazz and contemporary classical music, R&B and Blues, pop music and old chamber music supply. This is touching, powerful music, which develops a magnetic attraction.