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Event Date: 
Friday, January 25, 2013 - 8:00pm

Ladyhips was started in early 2010 by guitarist Mike Dipanfilo and bassist Sean Rubin. After going to the Hartt School of Music for a few years, they met a transfer student and jazz drummer Sam Horan and freshman and jazz pianist Paul Philippone. After playing and jamming for countless hours and realizing the group had some serious musical chemistry, the band was created.

This four piece band quickly began gigging regularly and tackling the Hartford music scene, as well as playing shows all around New England. They take influences from all different styles of music and combine all of their musical styles together to create a complex and mature musical sound that leaves the listener ready for more.

Through the use of acoustic and electronic instruments as well as poetic and creative lyrics, they continue to push the limits of music creation by creating a depth and a sense of real creativity and individuality in their music and lyrics.

Admission: $10