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Pablo Ablanedo Octeto

Event Date: 
Saturday, October 26, 2013 - 4:00pm

Fernando Brandao (flutes)
Phil Grenadier (Trumpet)
Jerry Sabatini (Trumpet) on 10/26
Daniel Ian Smith (saxes)
Kelly Roberge (sax & clarinet)
Todd Brunel (reeds)
Eric Hofbauer (guitar)
Pablo Ablanedo (piano & composition)
Fernando Huergo (bass)
Bertram Lehmann (drums)

Everything Pablo Ablanedo does sounds Big. And Ablanedo makes the achievement of the epic appear effortless.  His songs have a persona that present themselves as music of a noble grandeur, of music that attains great heights with a graceful ease and a fluid motion.  As such, his newest recording,ReContraDoble, elicits thrilling shifts in anticipation, encapsulating the expansive in a way that exposes the beauty residing in the tiny details. Bird is the Worm (US)

The album shows a mature composer, who creates wonderfully personal expressions while leaving ample room for the improvisational identities of his band members.  There’s a deep rooted sense of tradition within the music that is balanced by a forward looking feeling; this is some powerful stuff worth hearing. By chip Boaz, The Latin Jazz Corner (US) - Octet(o) on FaceBook - ReContraDoble CD site