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Recycled Percussion

Event Date: 
Sunday, January 8, 2012 - 2:00pm
Justin Spencer formed Recycled Percussion in 1995 for a high school talent show. Looking for a way to be as creative as possible he adopted the idea of playing buckets, which was introduced to him in the subways of New York City. Taking the next step he added more and more instruments to the show and expanded on the New York style of street percussion. The band really started to take off in 1999 when they were featured on the cover of the USA TODAY. They began touring the country performing over 250 shows a year starting in 2001 and began breaking records in the college market. Receiving awards yearly (6 time national act of the year, 3 time best major performer of the year, 4 time best live act) the band was on fire. Performing colleges, NBA halftimes, NFL halftimes, Corporate Events for major companies all over the world it seemed that Recycled Percussion was going to be around for a long time. The group continued to tour for 10 years until it made it’s debut on the smash hit television show America’s Got Talent. The group auditioned with over 100,000 acts and came close to winning. With a load of options of what to do next they decided to work with Jerry Springer on a LIVE version of the show America’s Got Talent, spent 3 months performing at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas and then 1 month performing the live show at MGM Grand Fox woods in Connecticut. In 2010 the band received its highest honor, signing with the MGM Grand in Las Vegas to have their own show nightly at the famed casino. This has made Recycled Percussion the only true band with their own show on the Las Vegas strip nightly. Recycled Percussion has now created the most interactive show in Las Vegas. When audience members attend a Recycled Percussion show they are given a drumstick and a unique instrument on the way in. The audience members use this throughout the show to play along with the band. This concept has received high acclaim from producers and media throughout Las Vegas. The new show in Las Vegas is the most intense show that Recycled Percussion has ever created and they continue to push the envelope of creativity. Ticket Prices: $25-$30, limited $50 VIP seats available. Please call the box office at 877.571.7469 for more information.