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Sorry Night

Event Date: 
Tuesday, February 25, 2014 - 8:00pm
Gary Duehr & Jane Wang Elijah Wald & Sandrine Sheon and house band Dirty Water Brass Band In preparation for that sorriest of seasons, the Lenten season, multi-media artist and poet Gary Duehr, joined by aluminum double bass player and performance artist Jane Wang, will guide us through the many possible ways that one can apologize for past transgressions [also handy for future ones]. Musicians Elijah Wald and Sandrine Sheon will be on hand to perform a New Orleans centric set with tunes from the fun, bawdy, and often down-and-out songbook. And Dirty Water Brass Band will kick off the evening with a don't give a damn routine. In 2012, Gary Duehr published a triptych of SORRY poetry books ("Sorry", "Sorry (again)", "Still Sorry") illustrated with his own photos. His worked piqued the interest of the Canadian nation, who invited him to transform his work into public art as part of Canada's "Art in Transit" program. Now through February 28th, Duehr's "SORRY" is on display throughout Canada, including subways, malls, offices, and elevators. Those who can't travel there, can get a taste at the Lily Pad. Duehr is joined by Mobius artist Jane Wang who will provide the plaintive soundscape necessary to get really down and sorry. The audience is welcome to participate with their own phrases of remorse, sincere or otherwise., Folk blues guitarist and music historian Elijah Wald and clarinetist Sandrine Sheon have often teamed up to play their rootsy renditions of tunes from New Orleans and, Dirty Water Brass Band have played around New England and enjoy making contemplative spaces less so. They refer to themselves as a visual band. Foot A Push Entertainment is a new occasional series established to showcase artists (emerging or established) who would like to try out their new performance-related material in front of an audience in a relaxed setting. From February through May, Foot A Push will present material on the 4th Tuesday of the month at the Lily Pad in Cambridge, MA. After that, it's up for grabs.