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STEVE FORBERT "Alive on Arrival Tour"

Event Date: 
Sunday, October 27, 2013 - 7:30pm

Steve Forbert and his full band will play all the songs from his debut album “Alive on Arrival,” in order, front to back. He will also play selections from “Jackrabbit Slim” and other albums throughout the years.

The band lineup is Joey Spampinato on Bass & vocals, Kami Lyle on keys, trumpet & vocals, Tad Price on lead guitar & vocals and Lou Cataldo on drums & vocals. This is the tour I personally have been waiting a long time for. Steve is great whether he plays solo, duo, trio or full band, but fans have waited a long time for his return to a full band and this band is well worth the wait.

This tour coincides with the release of his special Two-Disc Anniversary Edition of Alive on Arrival and Jackrabbit Slim, which will be available at the show for signing.

As a young man from Meridian, Mississippi, Steve traveled to New York City and played guitar for spare change in Grand Central Station. He vaulted to international prominence with a folk-rock hit, “Romeo’s Tune,” during a time when rootsy rock was fading out and the Ramones, Talking Heads and other New Wave and punk acts were moving in to the public consciousness. “Those styles didn’t really synch with my musical approach,” reflects Forbert. Still, critics raved about Forbert’s poetic lyrics and engaging melodies, and the crowds at CBGB’s club in New York accepted him alongside those acts. “I’ve never been interested in changing what I do to fit emerging trends,” Forbert observes. “Looking back on it, I was helping to keep a particular American songwriting tradition alive at a time when it wasn’t in the spotlight.”

After his first two records came a plethora of well-crafted, unforgettable songs on such albums as Little Stevie Orbit, Streets of This Town, The American in Me, Mission of the Crossroad Palms and Evergreen Boy. His tribute to Jimmie Rodgers, Any Old Time, was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2004.

Forbert’s lengthy discography has established him as an American icon. His music was pure Americana before that genre was recognized. The road and the changing landscape are an integral part of the hard-working Forbert’s life and songwriting.