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Unlimited Perception

Event Date: 
Wednesday, August 21, 2013 - 9:00pm

Burcu Gulec - Voice
Hagai Perets - Guitar / Synth Guitar
Miguel Angel Lopez Usma - Saxophone / Flute
Ren Yamamoto - Bass
Andres Fonseca - Drumset
Víctor-Andrés Cruz - Percussion
Utar Artun - Piano

Unlimited Perception was born as a community of artists and creators established in 2012. Its members hail from different parts of the world; Turkey, Israel, Colombia and Japan. The collaboration between them took place while attending Berklee College Of Music in Boston. This generated a harmonious, eclectic and earthy sound due to their respective diverse backgrounds.

The music features a blend of South American rhythms such as Bambuco and Cumbia with microtones and lyrical melodies. The band emphasizes on the element of improvisation and musical conversation during their performances, which invites the listener to an exciting experience. We want to inspire people to move forward with their purpose and the deep wishes of their creative soul without limits, psychological barriers and fears.

Tickets: $10pp