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Brad Meltzer & Aaron Honig

Sunday, June 19, 2011 - 9:00pm

Imagine a secret society and spy ring that was organized by George Washington but that is still in existence today, working very much behind the scenes in Washington. Tonight on Inquiry we speak with BRAD MELTZER, best-selling author and Eisner Award winner about his thrilling new novel THE INNER CIRCLE which revolves around the machinations of the legendary clandestine Culper Ring. Brad also talks about his new series on the History Channel BRAD MELTZERs DECODED, which focuses on untangling the truth on some of America’s greatest real historical mysteries. Was explorer Meriwether Lewis death really a suicide or did dark forces come together to murder him? Did John Wilkes Booth escape pursuit and survive to live on for many years? Who hid the White House cornerstone? These are real life mysteries unknown to most of us but every bit as thrilling as Brad’s novels.

Sea Turtles are among the ocean’s most mysterious and threatened species. Coming to land at night on the beaches of select areas of the world, they lay hundreds of eggs in their nests. The threats to these nests and their tiny hatchlings are numerous. There are often human and animal predators. And once they hatch they are food for gulls, frigatebirds, fish and numerous other marine species. Only a tiny fraction of the young turtles make to a mile offshore. To learn more about how sea turtles live, tune in tonight when Inquiry welcomes AARON HONIG, science educator and researcher, who has just returned form working in Costa Rica to tag and save these amazing creatures.

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Al Dean

Al grew up listening to the music of the 40’s on his father’s EH Scott radio and 78 records. Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and Benny Goodman were family favorites. This is first experience in the broadcasting field and allows him to dig into his closet of old vinyls and share them with his audience on the Sunday afternoon edition of the Jazz Matinee.

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