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Elaine Mehalakes, Kristina Jones, and Ian Stewart

Sunday, November 20, 2011 - 9:00pm

According to Elaine Mehalakes, Kemper Curator of Academic Programs and
curator of Global Flora, the 28 works in this exhibit—from engravings that date
back to the 1500’s to contemporary still lifes—are not only exquisitely detailed
depictions of flora and fauna, but also tell a story about the complex relationships
that have evolved alongside botanical art. “Botanical imagery has long been
admired for its beauty and appreciated for its scientific significance, but its history
is a more complex one, tied to the political, imperial, and cultural aspirations of
an increasingly interrelated world,” said Mehalakes.

Everyone knows how critical mathematics is to the hard sciences like
physics. But how important is math to biology? Tonight’s returning guest is
IAN STEWART, Emeritus Professor of Mathematics and active researcher at
Warwick University in England. Professor Stewart believes that we are now
seeing a dramatic change in the role importance of mathematics; logic and
topology plays in genetics; studying viruses and even looking for extraterrestrial;
life. His latest book, THE MATHEMATICS OF LIFE, wonderfully illustrates this
new “biomathematics” and declares it to be the next major revolution in the Life
Sciences. Tune in for a surprising and thought provoking discussion on the
maths of life.

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