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Thursday, July 29, 2010 - 10:38am

About 365 million years ago the first vertebrates left the water and walked on land on four legs. But why leave the warm and bountiful seas? Was it safer on land? Was there more food? What were these early tetrapods like and were they related to the frogs and salamanders were are familiar with today. What can the fossil record tell us about how these creatures lived? Tune in tonight to Inquiry when we welcome ROBERT CARROLL, among the most highly regarded experts on the evolution of amphibians and reptiles, Professor Emeritus at McGill University, longtime Director of the Redpath Museum and Chairman of the Department of Biology. Professor Carroll talks about one of the most fascinating developments in vertebrate evolution: becoming terrestrial. Professor Carroll’s book monumental book is titled THE RISE OF AMPHIBIANS: 365 MILLION YEARS OF EVOLUTION.

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