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Moipei Quartet: Millennial Sisters Join African Musical Arts

Saturday, March 29, 2014 - 4:00pm

Celebrate Women's History Month when host Bonnie Johnson speaks with the Moipei Quartet of Kenya. The all-girl a capella group, including Moipei (pronounced Moy-pay) triplets Mary, Martha and Magdalene, is joined by their younger sister Seraphine in a 21st century cultural exchange. These teen multi-instrumentalists have been singing together for more than a decade, bringing their global voice to the fore-front with traditional and contemporary African and African-American music. In 2006, the group was called into service as the first UNICEF Child Ambassadors from Kenya and have received a number of awards and commendations for their musical work as "advocates for social issues including highlighting the plight of girls in the Maasai community and Africa at large, the threat to wildlife and the environment, [and] Cancer in Children". They have performed in several countries including South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania, China, South Korea, Canada and Venezuela.  In March 2014, the Moipei sisters made their first trip to the United States; visiting several states and performing in concert halls in collaboration with the St. Louis, Missouri based African Musical Arts, Inc. Their parents Nicholas and Christine Moipei also join the conversation on Colors of Jazz. Tune in at 4pm.

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