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955- Electroacoustic Improvisation

Event Date: 
Saturday, December 15, 2012 - 8:00pm

This group was formed, almost by accident, in the fierce Connecticut winter of 2011 by like-minded musicians from drastically different backgrounds.  Comprised of an electronic percussionist/laptopist, and an effects addicted guitarist, 955 weaves a web of vast, chasmic sound that combines the electric, the electronic, and the acoustic seamlessly.  Some have called it “ambient,” “spacious,” and “cinematic,” which are quite appropriate and complementary adjectives.

It is important to mention that all music heard here, and all music performed is completely improvised. There is no discussion of ideas beforehand, no songwriting or pre-programming. Some post-editing is done to the recorded material, but everything heard is done “on the fly.” Holding true to this ethic makes for a new and unique experience with every piece for the group, and for the listener.

Greg Conte- Guitar, Synthesizer, Samples, Loops
Tracey Kroll- Percussion via Electronics, Loops

For more on their music visit their website:

Tickets: $10