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Danny Fitzgerald and the Lost Wandering Blues and Jazz Band

Event Date: 
Sunday, December 29, 2013 - 8:00pm
If you enjoy reveling music and the boisterous street life, there is a good chance you've seen The Lost and Wandering Blues & Jazz Band. Appearing on street corners from Atlanta to Stockholm, in Jazz and Blues clubs from Paris to San Francisco, we enjoy an ever growing enthusiastic audience around the world. Our band is a diverse one: the music, the styles and the musicians. It started with me - the old man from New York on the washtub - many, many years ago on the Rue St. Andres des Arts in Paris. One by one we grew. Some have stayed with the band for a long time. Others join us on the road for a while and then move on - often times to successful solo careers. Life on the road can be hard, but our music and our fans always put a smile on our face, so much so, I wouldn't want my life any other way. So next time you're in the streets and you hear music, come and visit. It's probably us. You'll have a great time. I promise. Tickets: $25, members $23