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Zoe Muth & The Lost High Rollers, The Dire Honeys open

Event Date: 
Friday, June 7, 2013 - 8:00pm

For me so much of the history of American music is based not just in the drive to make “art” or perfect it, but to escape what can often become the drudgery of the working class life and to escape poverty when most of the avenues offered by mainstream society just aren’t any fun. 
I mean for some people they work, but I hate computers and don’t really have very good social skills. That is part of why I have tried so hard in the past few years to really make this work: to make a record (that fortunately some people like) and promote it, even if it means playing in Los Angeles to 5 people.

I never figured anyone would really like this stuff, so it’s pretty cool that I’ve been able to play shows with James McMurtry, (even though he didn’t talk to me, I guess he’s shy) Kinky Friedman, Fred Eaglesmith, the Gourds, Eilen Jewell, and Dave Alvin. I never thought I’d be playing the No Depression Festival or Bumbershoot either, so let’s just see what happens next...

Tickets: $16, members $14