Beate Sigriddaughter & Todd McLeish

March 31, 2019

On this episode of Inquiry, we talk with poet and novelist BEATE SIGRIDDAUGHTER. She is the Poet Laureate of Silver City, New Mexico. She will be talking about and reading some selections from, her new collection: XANTHIPPE AND HER FRIENDS.

Sea otters are the definition of cute to many people, but they are also an apex species in several ecosystems. They once were almost extinct, but populations have rebounded in recent decades. They still face many dangers from pollution, sharks and some fishermen would rather they be exterminated. On this episode of Inquiry, we talk with science and environmental writer TODD MCLEISH about his new book RETURN OF THE SEA OTTER: THE STORY OF THE ANIMAL THAT EVADED EXTINCTION ON THE PACIFIC COAST.

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