Britt Wray & Amy Fusselman

February 24, 2019

There are now a number of scientists who think it might be possible to resurrect extinct species. Through a variety of genetic techniques, there are people working on bringing back the extinct Wooly Mammoth, the Auroch, and maybe even the Passenger Pigeon. But what are the ethics about bringing back to life a species that has died out? Just because we can, does that necessarily mean we should? On this episode of Inquiry, we talk with science writer and radio broadcaster BRITT WRAY about her new book: RISE OF THE NECROFAUNA: THE SCIENCE, ETHICS, AND RISKS OF DE-EVOLUTION.


Writer AMY FUSSELMAN’s new book IDIOPHONE is unlike any book you have read before. Part essay, part hallucinatory essay it is about her family relations, past addictions, the plight of women writers and most of all a meditation on The Nutcracker. Tune in and hear her read some of her work.

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