Chris Horrocks & Daniel Stone

March 10, 2019

“The role of the television is in large part to remove itself from the world in order to produce images.” On this episode of Inquiry, we talk about the strange evolution of the television set with CHRIS HORROCKS. He lectures and researches in the Department of Critical and Historical Studies at the Kingston School of Art, Kingston University. Horrocks’ new book is THE JOY OF SETS: A SHORT HISTORY OF THE TELEVISION

David Fairchild spent his life traveling the globe tasting the fruits and vegetables of the world and sending seeds and cuttings back for American farmers to grow. If you have ever enjoyed an avocado or a mango, you can thank Fairchild. On this episode of Inquiry, we talk with DANIEL STONE. He is a writer for National Geographic and a former White House correspondent for Newsweek. His new book is a great tale of culinary and botanical exploration: THE FOOD EXPLORER: THE TRUE ADVENTURES OF THE GLOBE-TROTTING BOTANIST WHO TRANSFORMED WHAT AMERICA EATS.

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