Christopher Kemp & Lea Graham

December 2, 2018

Some new species of plants and animals are found in the far-flung corners of the planet, but others are discovered in the dusty corners of natural history collections of museums. These are often found by dedicated scientists willing to put in hours perusing mounds of dried skins and jars of dead frogs. On this episode we talk with writer and scientist CHRISTOPHER KEMP about his wild new book THE LOST SPECIES: GREAT EXPEDITIONS IN THE COLLECTIONS OF NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUMS. This book is an amazing tribute to the importance of those vast and often underappreciated specimen collections that are found in the natural history museum basements.

On this episode of Inquiry, we talk with port LEA GRAHAM about her new collection of poems FROM THE HOTEL VERNON. Ms. Graham is an Associate Professor of English at Marist College and was a writer-in-residence at Clark University and was a bartender at the Hotel Vernon.

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