Donald Friedman & Autumn Chiklis

October 20, 2019


Who knew that famous writers like Williams Burroughs or Hans Christian Anderson also created visual works of art? On this episode of Inquiry we talk with lawyer and writer DONALD FRIEDMAN about his new and fascinating book: THE WRITER’S BRUSH: PAINTINGS, DRAWINGS, AND SCULPTURE BY WRITERS.  A few of the artists in the book are well-known for painting, drawing, and writing, while others are a complete revelation. Doodles by Charles Bukowski? A self-portrait by Edgar Allen Poe? We’ll talk about all of this and more. Don’t miss this show

Our guest on this episode of Inquiry is actor, writer, and stand-up comedian AUTUMN CHIKLIS. She has written her first novel which concerns a brilliant young graduate from Columbia who because of financial circumstances has to move back in with her parents, who are a classic Southern Californian well-to-do family. Needless to say, it does not go well. It’s a bit like Jane Austen but with juice cleanses and pampered pugs. Autumn Chiklis’ novel is: SMOTHERED: SOMETIMES ENTERING THE “REAL WORLD” MEANS MOVING IN WITH YOUR PARENTS.

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