Eric Jay Donlin & Barry Gordon Lovegrove

September 13, 2020

Whether you call them typhoons, cyclones, Willy-Willys, or just plain hurricanes, these powerful tropical storms have been an inevitable part of the American experience. Tonight on Inquiry we welcome back award-winning non-fiction author ERIC JAY DOLIN to talk about his new book: A FURIOUS SKY: THE FIVE-HUNDRED-YEAR HISTORY OF AMERICA’S HURRICANES

Mammals and birds are endothermic, “warm-blooded”. Amphibians, fish, and reptiles are ectothermic, “cold-blooded”. How did endothermy evolve? Can some animals be endothermic sometimes and at other times ectothermic? My guest tonight is BARRY GORDON LOVEGROVE. He is professor emeritus in the School of Life Sciences, University of KwaZulu-Natal. His new book traces the evolution of endothermy and looks at hibernation in tropical animals: FIRES OF LIFE: ENDOTHERMY IN BIRDS AND MAMMALS.


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