Graham Farmelo & Nick Haddad

June 7, 2020

String Theory. Magnetic Monopoles. Supersymmetry. Some of the most promising concepts and theories of theoretical physics were generated by ideas originating in advanced mathematics, not based on the results of physical experiments. Can only pure thought grasp reality as Einstein believed? Tonight on Inquiry, we talk with author GRAHAM FARMELO. He is a fellow at Churchill College at the University of Cambridge; an affiliated professor at Northeastern University; and is a regular visitor at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. We will be talking about his latest book: THE UNIVERSE SPEAKS IN NUMBERS: HOW MODERN MATH REVEALS NATURE’S DEEPEST SECRETS.


What is a butterfly worth? Why should we care if a butterfly species becomes extinct? Tonight on Inquiry we talk with NICK HADDAD. He is a professor and senior terrestrial ecologist in the Department of Interpretive Biology and the W.K. Kellogg Biological Station at Michigan State University. He has worked to help secure the remaining populations of rare butterflies and has written an important book on what it takes to turn declining butterfly populations around: THE LAST BUTTERFLIES: A SCIENTIST’S QUEST TO SAVE A RARE AND VANISHING CREATURE.


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