Heidi Holicker & Cheryl Savageau

December 13, 2020

Tonight’s guest on Inquiry has been an entertainment industry professional for over 30 years. She’s been an actor as well as a writer for film and television. She’s worked in visual and make-up effects and is also a producer in a number of films and television series. Along the way,  she also starred in a classic Twisted Sister video, played Betty Jo Fertilizer in a wild Firesign Theatre film, and is best known to the wider public as “Stacey” in the 80’s classic film VALLEY GIRL. Please join us for this special Inquiry when we talk with HEIDI HOLICKER.


Tonight on Inquiry we talk with writer and poet CHERYL SAVAGEAU. She has written a memoir of her decades-long struggle and coming to terms with her bipolar condition. Her book is called: OUT OF THE CRAZYWOODS.

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