Idaliana Medina & Jeremy Mynott

December 1, 2019

In this episode of Inquiry, we look at the art of pastries when we talk with pastry chef IDALIANA MEDINA. Be sure to check out some of her creations at the WICN HOLIDAY JAZZ JAM, next Saturday, December 7 from noon till 2 PM.

Why do people like some birds, but not others? Why do folks swoon at a crane or an owl, but cannot muster an ounce of interest in a sparrow? Why do birders chase rarities? These are just some of the basic questions posed by tonight’s returning guest: JEREMY MYNOTT, birder, writer, and former chief executive of Cambridge University Press. His book BIRDSCAPES: BIRDS IN OUR IMAGINATION AND EXPERIENCE asks some of the most basic questions to get at why we find birds so beautiful and interesting


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