Jenn Pelly & Beverly Gray

September 16, 2018

On this episode of Inquiry, we talk with writer JENN PELLY. Her work has appeared in SPIN, Nylon, and the Village Voice. Tonight we will be talking about her new book that focuses on the 1979 release of the album THE RAINCOATS by the band of the same name. The Raincoats are a band of post-punk women that “has etched its place in time mystically”. This influential band was lauded by the likes of John Lydon and Kurt Cobain and was an influence and inspiration to many of the Riot Grrrl bands decades later. Tune in and find out why.

“Plastics.” In December of 1967, the film The Graduate was released and immediately many saw this film as a “key to understanding the unruly post World War II children”. The film caused quite a stir. On this episode, we will learn why when we speak with returning guest BEVERLY GRAY, writer, story-editor, and leader of screenwriting workshops. Her new book looks at the history, filming, and impact of The Graduate: SEDUCED BY MRS. ROBINSON: HOW THE GRADUATE BECAME THE TOUCHSTONE OF A GENERATION.

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