Jeremy Mynott & Harlan Steinberger

October 13, 2019

Ancient Greek and Romans thought a lot about birds. They trapped them for food, wrote many myths, stories, and plays about them. They used them to predict the future and carry messages to the gods. They even used them in medicine. In this episode of Inquiry, we talk with writer, translator, and radio and television broadcaster JEREMY MYNOTT about his new scholarly book: BIRDS IN THE ANCIENT WORLD: WINGED WORDS.

In this episode of Inquiry, we welcome HARLAN STEINBERGER music producer and founder of HEN HOUSE STUDIOS in Venice, California. Hen House Studios is a unique enterprise designed to produce an outlet for original music and spoken word artists. We will talk to Harlan about what makes Hen House so special, how they operate,  and about the numerous artists they have worked with like Ray Manzarek, former Doors keyboardist, Michael Ford, legendary LA poet, and writer, as well as all their

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