Jonathan Fetter-Vorm & Donald Kroodsma

May 31, 2020

“That’s one small step for man…one giant leap for mankind” Tonight on Inquiry we talk with artist and writer JONATHAN FETTER-VORM. His new graphic history is about the Apollo 11 moon landing as well as a concise history of how cultures around the world have thought about the moon, the history of astronomy and rocketry, and the politics of the space race. It’s a history like no other that you have read: MOONBOUND: APOLLO 11 AND THE DREAM OF SPACEFLIGHT.

As we slide into summer, the birds are singing all around us. Have you ever wondered why birds sing? How they make those beautiful sounds? Tune in tonight on Inquiry when we welcome back DONALD KROODSMA, world-renowned authority on birdsong and professor emeritus of ornithology at the University of Massachusetts. His new book is a portal to over 75 hours of listening to the varieties of birdsong while at the same time, teaching you how to listen critically: BIRDSONG FOR THE CURIOUS NATURALIST: YOUR GUIDE TO LISTENING.

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