Keith O’Brien & Michael Marc Jacobsen

September 1, 2019

During the 1920s and 1930s, a group of determined women fought against all odds to become daring aviators. Not was flying a dangerous occupation at the time, men in power at the time didn’t believe flying was something a woman could or should do. Tonight on Inquiry, we welcome KEITH O’BRIEN, a former reporter for the Boston Globe and frequent contributor to National Public Radio. His new book chronicles the lives of these daring women: FLY GIRLS: HOW FIVE DARING WOMEN DEFIED ALL ODDS AND MADE HUMAN HISTORY.

 Have you ever gone to one of those rock extravaganzas in which a number of classic groups from the 60s performs? Have you also then wondered how many of those performers were in the original Drifters, Crests or Shirelles? Tonight on Inquiry we talk with musician, raconteur, and now author MICHAEL MARC JACOBSEN about his new “novel” MOCK AND ROLL, which reveals the truth behind these legendary bands performing today.

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