Kent Russel, Nick Capasso and Caitlin Doughty

August 16, 2020

Inquiry welcomes back KENT RUSSEL, CEO of the MUSEUM OF RUSSIAN ICONS (Clinton) and NICK CAPASSO, Director of the FITCHBURG ART MUSEUM  (Fitchburg). When last we checked in, both of their dynamic museums had been closed due to Covid-19. But things are changing. Tune in and find out what.


Have you ever worried that if you should die home and alone, that your pet dog or cat would eat you? Tonight’s returning guest on Inquiry is writer and mortician CAITLIN DOUGHTY. Her new book answers this and many other questions that people have asked about when they have the “long goodbye”: WILL MY CAT EAT MY EYEBALLS? BIG QUESTIONS FROM TINY MORTALS ABOUT DEATH.

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