M.J. Brush, Alan H. Brush & Dale Monette

July 26, 2020

In the early years of the 18th Century, Mark Catesby traveled around the Carolinas and over to the Bahamas to collect and paint specimens of birds and plants he found that were unique. M.J. BRUSH is an artist and science illustrator. ALAN H. BRUSH is Professor Emeritus of Physiology and Neurobiology. They followed the route that Catesby took to track the changes in the environment since Catesby’s voyages. M.J. painted watercolors of what they found. Their new book is an account of their experiences illustrated with M.J. Brush’s artwork: MARK CATESBY’S LEGACY: NATURAL HISTORY THEN AND NOW.

Tonight on Inquiry we welcome back photographer and writer DALE MONETTE. Tonight we will talk about his long recording career as a drummer in bands like the Boston Blackthorn Band.

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