Marcus Chown and Michael Scheibach

March 22, 2020

Tonight we continue our lively discussion with writer and cosmology consultant MARCUS CHOWN. Is time travel possible? What IS time anyway? Do we live in a bubbly foam of infinite universes? Or maybe it is all just a hologram? Be prepared for a wild ride as we continue our talk about Marcus Chown’s new book: INFINITY IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND: FIFTY WONDERS THAT REVEAL AN EXTRAORDINARY UNIVERSE.

Duck and cover! Return to those chilling days of the Cold War when school children practiced what to do in case of nuclear war, and those who could afford it built fallout shelters. Tonight on Inquiry we speak with an independent scholar, writer, consultant and editor MICHAEL SCHEIBACH about the exhibition he has curated ATOMIC ALERT! CONFRONTING THE BOMB IN THE NEW ATOMIC AGE which will be at the MUSEUM OF RUSSIAN ICONS March 20-May 6 2020.

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