Marisa Anne Bass & Kenn Kaufman

September 27, 2020

The last half of the 16th Century was a time of violent political upheaval in Holland. It was the time of The Spanish Fury and the Dutch Revolt. But during this time, artist Joris Hoefnagle (1542-1600) produced an amazing series of delicately illustrated miniature manuscripts called Four Elements. These contained stunningly beautiful watercolors of insects, birds, and other vertebrates. Why would an artist produce such work at a time of personal upheaval? Tonight on Inquiry we talk with MARISA ANNE BASS, associate professor of the history of art at Yale University. Her new book explores Hoenagle’s world and reproduces in full color a number of his folios: INSECT ARTIFICE: NATURE AND ART IN THE DUTCH REVOLT.


Tonight on Inquiry we talk with writer, artist, photographer, and bird expert KENN KAUFMAN about his new book A SEASON ON THE WIND: INSIDE THE WORLD OF SPRING MIGRATION. This is a book about spring bird migration in North America in general, and coastal Ohio, where the author lives, in particular. Here on the shores of Lake Erie is the world-famous Magee Marsh Wildlife Area where every spring thousands of birders from all over the world converge to enjoy migrants up close and personal.

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