Mary-Jane Rubenstein & Michael Hachey

February 2, 2020

The strange concept of the multiverse is currently being touted by some physicists as the answer to several sticky cosmological quandaries like the “fine-tuning” problem. But, amazingly, these contemporary theories have some very old precedents. In this episode of Inquiry, we welcome back Mary-Jane Rubenstein. She is a professor of religion; feminist, gender, and sexuality studies; and science in society at Wesleyan University. Her new book’s title explains what we will be talking about: “Worlds Without End/The Many Lives of the Multiverse: … In Which are Discussed Pre-, Early-, And Post-Modern Multiple Worlds Cosmologies; The Sundry Arguments for and Against Them;  The Striking Peculiarities of Their Adherents and Detractors; The Shifting Boundaries of Science, Philosophy, and Religion; And The Stubbornly Persistent Question of Whether Creation has been ‘Designed’.”


In this episode of Inquiry, we welcome back artist Michael Hachey. He is a professor at Worcester State University and his core classes include painting, drawing, and design. We will be discussing his upcoming solo exhibition “Wits’ End” which will be on view at the Mary Cosgrove Dolphin Gallery at Worcester State University from February 6 till March 6.

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