Menno Schilthuizen & Wayne Petersen

March 3, 2019

Around the world, in a variety of large cities, an amazing amount of wildlife is adapting to urban environments and actually thriving. What is this happening? On this episode of Inquiry, we speak with MENNO SCHILTHUIZEN, a senior research scientist at Naturalis Biodiversity Center in the Netherlands and professor of evolutionary biology at Leiden University. We will be talking about his surprising new book DARWIN COMES TO TOWN: HOW THE URBAN JUNGLE DRIVES EVOLUTION.

On this episode of Inquiry, we welcome WAYNE PETERSEN. He is long-time educator, trip leader, the Director of the Massachusetts Important Bird Area (IBA) program at Massachusetts Audubon, and co-editor of the Massachusetts Breeding Bird Atlas II. He has written the perfect beginner’s guide to the birds of our state: FIELD GUIDE TO THE BIRDS OF MASSACHUSETTS. Tune in and find out how birds are doing in our state.

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