Michael Gerber & Brian Dear

October 28, 2018

On this episode of Inquiry, we are pleased to talk with MICHAEL GERBER, Editor and Publisher of THE AMERICAN BYSTANDER, a new, unique and hilarious humor magazine. Tune in and find out how he managed to attract the long roster of talented artists and writers that are featured in every issue

On this episode of Inquiry, we talk with longtime tech-startup entrepreneur BRIAN DEAR about his new book THE FRIENDLY ORANGE GLOW: THE UNTOLD STORY OF THE PLATO SYSTEM AND THE DAWN OF CYBERCULTURE. What started as a computer-based system used to teach certain subjects, soon became a place where early computer jocks would spend hours a day creating on-line games, emoticons, and the first blog. All this in the early 1970s, long before the Internet as we know it.

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