Oliver Komar & Gavin Thurston

May 3, 2020

Tonight we welcome back OLIVER KOMAR. He is an ornithologist, professor of natural resources management at Zamorano University in Honduras, and the co-author of THE PETERSON FIELD GUIDE TO BIRDS OF NORTHERN CENTRAL AMERICA. In December of 2019, Komar was part of a group of intrepid natural historians who hiked over 120 kms through dense rainforest to the remote and little-visited Darien Gap, on the border with Columbia. We will talk with him about what that experience was like.


He’s been stalked by lions, punched by gorillas, and just missed being devoured by Safari Ants. These are just a few of the amazing experiences of tonight’s guest on Inquiry GAVIN THURSTON. He has been an award-winning cameraman for nature series like Blue Planet II, Planet Earth II, and the Trials of Life, and many others. His has filmed wildlife on every continent, a number of times with Sir David Attenborough. The new memoir of his experiences gives the reader insight of what it’s like to capture those perfect shots of the natural world that we love to see on TV. His book is: JOURNEYS IN THE WILD: THE SECRET LIFE OF A CAMERAMAN.


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