Richard Morrison & Lisa Crossman with Imna Arroyo & Allison Maria Rodriguez

March 1, 2020

Inquiry welcomes back ROBERT MORRISON, the Queen’s National Scholar at Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario. We continue our conversation about his latest entertaining history: THE REGENCY YEARS: DURING WHICH JANE AUSTEN WRITES, NAPOLEON FIGHTS, BYRON MAKES LOVE, AND BRITAIN BECOMES MODERN. During this episode, we talk about Britain on the world stage during those few years of the Prince Regent in the early 19th century. Napoleon meets his Waterloo, America declares war on Britain, Britain expands its interests in India, sends criminals to Australia, a volcano explodes, and everybody wants opium.

In this episode of Inquiry, we talk with Curator LISA CROSSMAN of the Fitchburg Art Museum, and artists IMNA ARROYO and ALLISON MARIA RODRIGUEZ about the exhibition AFTER SPIRITUALISM: LOSS AND TRANSCENDENCE, on view at the Fitchburg Art Museum until JUNE 7, 2020.

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