Roma Agrawal, Lisa Crossman & Candice Bancheri

March 17, 2019

How did ancient Romans manage to build the largest unsupported dome in the world? How do today’s skyscrapers manage to keep standing? On this episode of Inquiry, we talk with structural engineer ROMA AGRAWAL. She builds BIG, like bridges, skyscrapers, and train stations. Her new entertaining book explains why every structure has a story: BUILT: THE HIDDEN STORIES BEHIND OUR STRUCTURES.

Tonight on Inquiry we welcome LISA CROSSMAN, Curator at the Fitchburg Art Museum and CANDICE BANCHERI, Terrana Curatorial Fellow at Fitchburg Art Museum. They will be talking about the new exhibition at the Fitchburg Art Museum: FIRE AND LIGHT: OTTO PIENE IN GROTON 1983-2014.

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