Steven Lubar & Jonathan B. Losos

July 15, 2018

How are museums useful to the public and the nation? We will be tackling this big topic on this edition when we talk with STEVEN LUBAR. He is a former museum curator and director and is Professor of American Studies at Brown University. His new book is an overview of how museums of all kinds collect, preserve and display: INSIDE THE LOST MUSEUM: CURATING THE PAST AND PRESENT. If you have ever gone to art, natural history, technological or cultural museum or work in one, be sure to tune in!

How does chance and random events affect the course of evolution? Some scientists believe that if we could travel back in time and run the evolution of life again, the results would be dramatically different. Perhaps even humans wouldn’t exist. Other scientists believe that evolution is determined, so if you were to “run” evolution again, given the same environments, the overall results would be the same. Who is right?  On this episode of Inquiry, we talk with JONATHAN B. LOSOS, biology professor and director of the Losos Laboratory at Harvard University. We will be talking about his new book, which provides some answers: IMPROBABLE DESTINIES: FATE, CHANCE, AND THE FUTURE OF EVOLUTION.

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