Tanya Bub, Jeffery Bub & Nell Irvin Painter

September 15, 2019

On this episode of Inquiry, we welcome TANYA BUB, founder of 48th Ave Productions, a web development company, and JEFFREY BUB, Distinguished University Professor in the Department of Philosophy and the Institute for Physical Science and Technology at the University of Maryland. Together they have produced a big comic on one of the most difficult subjects to understand. Its title is TOTALLY RANDOM: WHY NOBODY UNDERSTANDS QUANTUM PHYSICS. Besides themselves, the comic features appearances by some of the leading physicists of the last century as well as Spock’s soul.

The guest on this episode of Inquiry is Professor NELL IRVIN PAINTER. She is the Edwards Professor of American History at Princeton University and author of such critically-acclaimed books as The History of White People. At the peak of her career, and into her sixties, Professor Painter decided to go to art school. Not just to dabble, but to complete rigorous BFA and MFA programs. Her new book is a memoir of those experiences and how her art evolved. OLD IN ART SCHOOL: A MEMOIR OF STARTING OVER is one of the most honest and compelling books on art and art education to be published in quite some time.

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