Ted Gioia & Bob Mehr

December 22, 2019

Inquiry welcomes back critic, scholar, performer, writer, and music historian TED GIOIA. His new book is a history of music like no other. MUSIC: A SUBVERSIVE HISTORY tells the often hidden, less well-known evolution of music from ancient Egypt, Assyria, and Greece to Burning Man, MP3s, and electronic dance music. It’s a tale filled with sex, violence, magic, ecstasy, and rebellion against the authoritarian powers that always tried to control what music was proper.

There was no other band like them. They were four self-described “losers” who really understood each other. Their live performances were often out of control, yet they recorded some of the most memorable rock of the 1980s. In this episode of Inquiry, we talk with writer and critic BOB MEHR about his book TROUBLE BOYS: THE TRUE STORY OF THE REPLACEMENTS

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