Tim Mohr & Robert Gordon

January 27, 2019

Before the Berlin Wall fell, there were small groups of punk-music loving youth in East Germany who constantly risked arrest and prison to play the music they wanted to hear, dress they way they wanted to dress and express their independent views. On this episode of Inquiry, we talk with writer, journalist, and translator TIM MOHR about his history of music, politics, and rebellion: BURNING DOWN THE HAUS: PUNK ROCK, REVOLUTION, AND THE FALL OF THE BERLIN WALL.

Inquiry welcomes back music journalist and historian ROBERT GORDON for Part 2 of our talk about the history of Stax Records in Memphis. Tonight we begin with the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King and how that affected the staff of Stax, the coming of megastar Isaac Hayes, and the amazing concert of Wattstax in 1972. Gordon’s must-read book is titled RESPECT YOURSELF: STAX RECORDS AN THE SOUL EXPLOSION.

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