Trina Robbins & Victor Sebestyen

October 21, 2018

Inquiry welcomes back comic book artist and historian TRINA ROBBINS. She produced the very first all-women comic books in 1970 and has been promoting and documenting women in comics ever since. On this episode we’ll be talking about a very different project of hers, a comic book of stories from her father’s Yiddish memoir of life in a shtetl in what is now Belarus: A MINYAN YIDN (UN ANDERE ZAKHN) which translates to “A Bunch of Jews (and other Stories)”.

V. I. Lenin was the “godfather of post-truth politics” a ruthless politician who “adopted a highly populist style of politics” yet was brazenly cynical and lied unashamedly. On this episode of Inquiry, we talk with journalist and writer VICTOR SEBESTYEN about his critically acclaimed biography: LENIN: THE MAN, THE DICTATOR, AND THE MASTER OF TERROR.

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