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Monday, December 18, 2017 - 6:00pm

The NEA Jazz Masters Award is often described as the nation's highest honor for a living jazz musician. From the first its program has celebrated a broad aesthetic range — its inaugural class of honorees, in 1982, consisted of bebop icon Dizzy Gillespie, his trumpet precursor Roy Eldridge and the interstellar visionary Sun Ra. As those initial inductees show, the roll call of NEA Jazz Masters have represented striking diversity within the uppermost echelon of achievement in this music.

Sunday, December 17, 2017 - 10:30pm

In his new book; President McKinley acclaimed historian Robert Merry resurrects the presidential reputation of William McKinley, whose low place in the presidential rankings does not reflect his enduring accomplishments and the stamp he put on the country’s future role in the world. Tune in this Sunday evening at 10:30 when Al speaks with Robert Merry about the life and times of our 25th president.

Sunday, December 17, 2017 - 10:00pm

In an encore of “The Business Beat,” Steve D’Agostino interviews Allen Fletcher of Worcester’s Canal District Alliance. They talk about raising the city’s Canal District to the next economic-development level. This episode aired originally on July 2, 2017.

As Mass Live reported on June 14, Worcester businessman and community activist Allen Fletcher is increasing the growth and development of Worcester's burgeoning Canal District with the construction of an 70,000-square-foot public market and apartment complex. The market will be indoors open year-around. Construction is expected to begin this summer, and take one year to complete. 

The complex will be built right next to the city's most notorious intersection – Kelley Square - on the dirt lot next to the Crompton Building. But, as Mass Live notes, Fletcher isn't deterred by that six-way intersection of insanity. In fact, he embraces the madness.

"I think already everyone loves Kelley Square, whether they understand it or not. From my standpoint, it's a huge asset. I think it’s an eighth wonder of the world from a traffic standpoint. It’s absolutely wonderful to look out on it," Fletcher tells Mass Live.

Through the Harding Green LLC, Fletcher has submitted a plan to the city's Planning Board calling for a market place on the first floor and 48 apartments above that. The market will have room for 30 to 40 vendors, all of which will serve different types of food. 

Fletcher envisions a hall for fish-mongers, cheese-makers, Albanian, Ghanian, Dominican food vendors and seasonal farmers markets. At the tip of the complex will be a diner.

Fletcher, is a longtime member of the Canal District Alliance, a collaboration of business owners dedicated to improving that neighborhood. He and the group have been at the forefront of improving the entertainment and living options in the Canal District.

Sunday, December 17, 2017 - 9:00pm

Have ever visited the jungles of Costa Rica or Panama and wished you had some type of guide book that could explain what you saw there? Why do we find so many plants, trees, birds and insects in the neotropics? Why is it so hot and wet? How come the butterflies are so big? Tonight on Inquiry, we talk with JOHN KRICHER, professor of biology at Wheaton College,  about his stunning new book THE NEW NEOTROPICAL COMPANION. Written for the lay person, this beautiful book will introduce you to the plants and animal life and complex ecosystems of this unique region of the planet. Don’t leave home without this book!

“If dating is poetry, then marriage is a novel” writes tonight’s guest on Inquiry. Why do we get married and why do we stay married? “The main problem with marriage is that it’s not better than the rest of your life” writes tonight’s guest, writer and journalist ADA CALHOUN. Calhoun was well into her second decade of marriage, when she started to wonder what we are getting out of marriage. Her new book is a frank and honest meditation on the institution: WEDDING TOASTS I’LL NEVER MAKE.

Thursday, December 14, 2017 - 7:00pm

Join host Nick Noble as he hosts a Live Holiday Show in the WICN Performance Studio. More than a dozen artists will share their music (and their holiday favorites) live! Tune in and support WICN and THE FOLK REVIVAL.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017 - 6:00pm

The second of Judy’s two conversations with two-time Grammy winner, jazz pianist/composer Alan Broadbent.  Alan discusses his work with a wide range of artists from Kristen Chenowith and Diana Krall to Charlie Hayden and Paul McCartney, and his different approach when arranging for each.

Monday, December 11, 2017 - 10:30pm

"Our best musicians in the jazz tradition were radical imaginers," Samora Pinderhughes says. A pianist and composer in his mid-20s, he has asserted his connection to that lineage with The Transformations Suite, an earnest and ambitious new work combining music, words and visuals. The piece, which took five years to chisel into shape, was inspired by African-American resistance and protest movements, as well as the oppression that many still endure.

Monday, December 11, 2017 - 7:00pm

Join host Tom Shaker as we look back on the musical legacy of former Temptations singer and solo artist, Eddie Kendricks. Eddie's soaring falsetto graced "Get Ready" "Just My Imagination" & "The Way You Do The Things You Do" for The Temps. His solo career produced hits like the 70's classic "Keep On Truckin.'" It all starts at 7pm!

Sunday, December 10, 2017 - 10:30pm

Why has John Quincy Adams been largely written out of American history when he is, in fact, our lost Founding Father? Long relegated to the sidelines of history as the hyper intellectual son of John and Abigail Adams, John Quincy Adams (1767–1848), has never basked in the historical spotlight. Remembered, if at all, as an ineffective president during an especially rancorous time, Adams was humiliated in office after the contested election of 1824, viciously assailed by populist opponents for being both slippery and effete, and then resoundingly defeated by the western war hero Andrew Jackson, whose 1828 election ushered in an era of unparalleled expansion. Aware of this reputation yet convinced that Adams deserves a reconsideration, award-winning historian William J. Cooper has reframed the sixth president’s life in an entirely original way. Tune in this Sunday evening at 10:30 when Al speaks with author and historian William Cooper about his new book: THE LOST FOUNDING FATHER.

Sunday, December 10, 2017 - 10:00pm

In an all-new "The Business Beat," Steve D’Agostino interviews Gabe Brown, who, along with his wife, Shelly Brown, owns and operates Brown’s Ranch, located east of Bismarck, North Dakota. They talk about the business of healthy, sustainable soil regeneration.

Gabe (shown on the right) is the keynote speaker at the Northeast Organic Farmers Association – Massachusetts Chapter’s 2018 Winter Conference, on January 13 at Worcester State University. Gabe, a renowned farmer and rancher, has shifted toward continual plant cover, zero-tillage, inter-cropping, multi-species grazing, and high-diversity cover-crop cocktails. These changes have increased both soil health and farm profitability.

Gabe and Shelly purchased the ranch from Shelly’s parents in 1991, and have grown the operation to 5,000 acres of owned and leased land. Their son, Paul Brown (shown on the left), returned to the ranch after graduation from North Dakota State University, and became a partner in the operation. Their daughter, Kelly Brown, lives and works in Fargo, North Dakota, and returns home to help whenever possible.

The slogan of Brown’s Ranch is “Regenerating Landscapes for a Sustainable Future.”  As the Browns state, “We believe that faith, family and working with the natural resources that God has provided allows us a meaningful life.  We enjoy using these resources to regenerate landscapes for a sustainable future.”

The Browns also express a belief in and practice of “holistic management,” a part of which is farming and ranching in nature’s image. According to the Browns, “We strive to solve problems in a natural and sustainable way.  Improving soil health is a priority, and no-till farming has been practiced since 1993.”

Gabe, Shelly and Paul also own and operate Nourished by Nature, located on the farm site, and controlled by Paul. They express belief  that “the quality of the food we raise depends on the quality of the soil on which it is grown or raised.”


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